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Outpatient Services 


Outpatient treatment that we offer include individual therapy, play therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, and group therapy. Some of the issues that we address are: anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, ADHD, substance abuse, trauma, abuse and neglect, grief and loss, foster care and adoption, anger management difficulties, family/relationship conflicts, changing family dynamics and behavioral difficulties.

We offer services for the complete family.

Crisis Stabilization

Crisis stabilization services involve direct interventions that provide temporary, intensive services and supports that avert emergency, psychiatric hospitalization or institutional placement of individuals who are experiencing serious psychiatric or behavioral problems that jeopardize their current community living situation. Crisis stabilization services shall include, as appropriate, neuropsychological, psychiatric, psychological and other functional assessments and stabilization techniques, medication management and monitoring, behavior assessment and support, and intensive care coordination with other agencies and providers. This service is designed to stabilize the individual and strengthen the current living situation so that the individual remains in the community during and beyond the crisis period.

Medical Addiction Treatment Services/Substance Use OPT Services

Substance use outpatient services are structured based on your need.HTS will conduct an assessment to determine your need. Our team of physicians, pharmacist, nurse practitioners, registered nurses will assist you with your  recovery needs. HTS is able to handle court appointed substance use as well as employment or personal related abuse. We also offer youth centered substance use classes. HTS offers youth centered substance use program to address the youths specific needs directly. HTS recognizes the different triggers and reasons for substance use and created a youth centered treatment plan to deal with the environmental and social aspects

Services include Medical Detoxification, Addiction Evaluation, Medical Assisted Treatment(MAT), Group and Individual Family Therapy, Recovery Coaching, Family Consultation and Intervention, Extended Monitoring and Case Management, Advocacy and Education, Drug and Alcohol Testing.


Intensive In Home

Intensive In-Home Counseling provided in the child’s home, Monday through Friday, to children faced with significant behavioral or emotional difficulties. Working together, the counselor and youth find those negative behaviors that are drawing the youth into trouble. They explore misunderstandings of how the world works by looking at choices and their consequences. The counselor helps the youth establish goals to gain the skills needed to overcome those negative behaviors. By building self-respect and self-reliance, the youth is strengthened to take on life’s challenges with a more positive attitude.

For youth with a mental health diagnosis, we offer counseling in a format best suited to the client. For example, young people who are over-stimulated by groups of other children; who have difficulty in managing themselves in a group environment; and who need time to build a relationship of trust with a counselor, we offer Intensive In-home Counseling in the client’s home. Each session lasts a minimum of three hours, three to five times a week.

Mental Health Skill Building

A counselor comes to the adult’s home to teach basic life skills. Tailored to the individual, this set of skills builds confidence, which helps mentally stabilized adults in transitioning back into the community after hospitalization. Basic knowledge of managing money.

Employer Services

We work with major employers as well as small business to provide substance use classes and testing. We welcome you to contact us today for a partnership. If you are a small, growing or large employer and you are looking to have in house help with managing substance abuse, drug testing and procedural management in these cases we are here for you. 


All positions in Medical Addiction Treatment require extensive credentials, licensing and board certifications please contact about services. All mental health positions requires a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in a human services field and at least one year of experience in a social work or a clinical setting.   The candidate must meet all state requirements regarding criminal record history, central registry search, and must possess a valid Virginia driver’s license with  a good driving record.  Must be able to respect client’s right to confidentiality. Internships available


Monday - Friday 

9:30am - 4:30pm


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